Simple Payment Forms
To Accept Bitcoin.

The easiest way to sell any digital good (ebook, code, music, and many more) for bitcoin.


Simply the Easiest Way to Sell for Bitcoin.

Create simple forms with the downloadable item and share the BitFormPayments link. Every user that purchases will receive the download link automatically, you don't have to do anything!


Less than 1 minute to configure a form to sell your ebook or any other downloadable digital asset.


One single url to all your costumers. We handle the payments and communication for each costumer.


We only charge a flat 3% fee on withdraw, meaning that you can try and if you don't sell you don't pay.


All data is secure and you can withdraw your balance at any given time.

How BitFormPayments Works?


Sign-up in BitFormPayments and in less than a minute create a new payment form. You only need to provide a description, the price and the download link (e.g. dropbox, google drive) to the product you are selling.


A specific form link is created for you to share with your potential customers. Every customer that accesses the form and provides an email will see an individual btc address to transfer the value.


A process run by BitFormPayments will check if the payment was done. If the purchase is made, the costumer will receive an email with the download link.


You can always see every costumer that accessed the form and the corresponding payments. At any moment you can withdraw your money to a private wallet or any exchange (e.g. Coinbase, Binance, etc).

Our Simple
Straight-Forward Pricing.

Our price is simple. 3% Fee on the withdraw of your funds. If you don't sell you don't pay!



Fee On Withdraw

  • Ilimited Forms
  • Ilimited Transactions
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